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Stem Cell Therapy: What Is It Exactly?

We’ve all heard about it and the controversy over it in the media, but do we truly understand what stem cell therapy is?

Let’s begin with the human cell…
It is the smallest functional unit in the body, is responsible for producing all of the elements and biological processes necessary for life, from conception and development to maintenance of the body.

Aging occurs at the cellular level. Cell functions are progressively
impaired over time by the cumulative effects of such variables: 
Oxidation of free radicals 
-Environmental and industrial toxins 
-Bad eating habits

This means that all diseases (viral, bacterial, degenerative, autoimmune
and genetic) originate and develop in our cells, just as aging does.
In order to be successful, treatments should focus on the
normalization and healing at the cellular and microbiological levels.

So, what does stem cell therapy do?
-Reduces damage caused by free radicals 
-Survival gene expression, 
-Induction of ‘autophagy,’: the process of self-cleaning
and recycling of unwanted biomaterial 
-Restores cellular metabolic efficiency.

These actions result in effective cell renewal returning cells to normal function, thus improving your health! Using NRT we can determine whether there is chaos at the cellular level and suggest the right path for your body to heal itself!