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Mechelle Fisher

Since I was young, I have always been drawn to helping others and natural healthcare. While I haven’t always followed this path, many experiences have led me back to discovering the natural ability of our body to heal if we pay attention and give it what it is asking for. I believe Nutrition Response Testing is a valuable tool to help patients learn about healing and I am so grateful that I have been able to learn about it in more detail and continue my journey of learning and sharing.

Several years ago, after having some health issues, I began researching my family heritage and history. At that time, I discovered that my paternal grandmother, whom I did not know well as she passed away when I was young, was a student and follower of many natural and holistic ways to help her with several medical conditions with which she was suffering. That discovery brought forward my interest and took me down a path of heavy research on the body’s amazing ability to heal if we openly listen to it and give it the proper foundation and support. It was at that point that I realized I wanted to gravitate towards preserving and creating health through more natural methods for me and my family and that many issues we deal with can be addressed from the inside. I continued my own journey of listening to my body and being a dedicated student and follower of a more natural way to address the signals my body was giving me. I have also been a very vocal teacher to those who are open to learning more about it!

One of my main health concerns was being diagnosed with perimenopause. I had many symptoms that were impacting my day-to-day life and in turn that of my family. After visiting with my doctors and being told I just needed to “deal with it” because it’s part of being a woman, a recommendation that I have a medical procedure and begin synthetic hormones, I knew from what I had already learned that this was not the answer my body was looking for. I began seeking to find a provider that would listen to me and be my partner in working to assist my body through this transition and shine a light on the root cause of other issues I was having. It was at that time I found Mind Body Solutions and Nutrition Response Testing and it changed my life. I felt like I was being listened to and had a partner in my journey to health as well as an alternative less invasive form of testing that better utilized the healing power of my body. After a few months of following my program, I was symptom free! I was also able to deal with the other concerns my body was bringing to the surface. This is a light in which I continue to follow and seeking out a root cause is how I approach every concern brought up by my body. My goal is to help others in their journey in seeking their own path to health as well.

During this time, my daughter also faced some health concerns. Diagnosed with an illness which at the time we did not know there was a family history and which medications were not improving symptoms, we began to research on our own to help alleviate symptoms and deal with new symptoms that were introducing themselves. We were able to help her make some choices that have helped support her body as it begins to heal and, in the process, opened her eyes to the reality that she has more control over her health than she was led to believe. We are working on true healing and in the meantime, she continues to try as best she can to follow what her body is telling her rather than simply rely on medication. Since she is a young college aged woman, I find it extremely rewarding that she is slowly following in the path of a more natural way to address her body’s concerns.

Becoming a part of the Mind Body Solutions family has allowed me the opportunity to more deeply explore this interest and continue to be educated so I can use my knowledge to help others who are seeking answers from a different perspective. I believe that Nutrition Response Testing is an amazing tool to help others shine a light on a path to health that feels right with their body and mind. I am excited to continue to this journey and be able to share with others the healing power of their bodies.