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Emotional Therapy

Health professionals often observe that unresolved emotional
roadblocks can have a dramatic effect on physical wellness and
may cause people to repeat unproductive behaviors.

One of the fastest ways to blast through these roadblocks is
perception reframing, changing the way we see and feel about
events, circumstances, other people, and ourselves.

The ZYTO EVOX uses the energy of the voice to map perception and
track progressive changes. When a client speaks about a specific
topic (person, event, ability, etc.) they engage every aspect of their
being including breath, memories, and, beliefs, and their voice
energy will reflect the perception they hold about the topic.
EVOX records and plots that voice energy into what is called
a Perception Index. During an EVOX session, a shift indicates
a reframe of the perception.

Perception reframing can improve any area of human
performance and is often life-changing.
EVOX can be helpful when dealing with issues like:

• Emotional stress
• Athletic performance
• Sadness
• Weight management
• Addictions
• Recurring pain
• Finances
• Work performance
• Anger
• Relationships

Customer Testimonials
“I love my EVOX! I use it every day in my practice. My patients have
had profound results and ask for more sessions.”
– Jill Silverman

“90% of my practice has become the use of EVOX and I’m amazed
at the deep results.”
– Kevern Collison

“Love being able to help people on their wellness journey using
this tool.”
– Gina Bingham