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My Name is Mary G. and I have been coming to Dr. Gregoire for just 3 short weeks and it has changed my life for the better. I work retail and by 2:00 in the afternoon I would be wishing for a nap already. Every day felt like a constant struggle to get through my busy day. I was taught to believe that this was normal; if you worked hard you were expected to be tired. Since I came to Dr. Gregoire, I feel better. I can breeze through my day without thinking how much more I have to do before I could rest. Christmas is the most stressed time of the year in my job. Usually by Christmas Day I am exhausted and sick, and really don’t get to enjoy the holiday and my family. This year was much better. I have not changed my diet radically. I have followed what Dr. Gregoire has told me to: avoid the things that my body did not like. It is working! I have more energy, I feel better and it is helping my marriage. My husband works second shift and I don’t get to see him until after 10 PM. Usually I would be so tired I really didn’t want to be bothered and would get “cranky” if he wanted me to stay up and spend some time with him. The one girl that I work with noticed a difference in me. He asked me what’s going on that I was in such a good mood. Thank you Dr. Gregoire for all your help. I never want to feel the way I used to. Tired, miserable and depressed were normal, but I don€t want to feel that way anymore. God Bless Dr. Gregoire of the Family Healing Center.

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Mary G November 4, 2014

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