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Initially, I had intestinal issues, stomach cramps, bloating, periodic diarrhea and lack of abundant energy. I had acne in the face and tiredness throughout the day. In only 2 weeks we have been working together, stomach issues are getting much more normal. Acne in the face seems to be subsiding. Energy is back! B.B.

Initially, I had ankle pain, frequent headaches, lower back pain, poor sleep and low energy. Today, I no longer have ankle pain, seldom have headaches, my back is much better, my sleep has improved tremendously, and I have more energy! S.B.

Before I met Dr Serge I was having digestion and intestinal issues. I was always tired and I was having trouble sleeping. Now my digestion is much better and I rarely feel the need for a nap during the day. A.B.

Before I met Dr Serge, I was tired all the time, dealing with acne and female issues. Mental fog was a real problem. I also was waking up for 2-4 hours every night after I went to sleep. Now, 5 weeks into the program, I am sleeping through the night, all night long and feeling rested when I awake. Energy is so much better and I’m able to get more done during the day. My acne is not so bad and the menstrual cycles are tolerable without the use of NSAIDS. A.T.

Before I couldn’t sleep, falling asleep took hours. He had cramping with my period. I had headaches daily and my neck and shoulders were in pain. Now I fall asleep when I go to bed. Cramping has stopped after adding some minerals. Headaches have become less frequent. Pain has subsided in my neck, back, and shoulders. G.B.

Before I started seeing Dr Serge, I was a totally different person from the “normal” me, whom I had forgotten. I was sluggish, exhausted and unhappy. Oh, and crabby a lot! Now I get up easily in the morning! I want to exercise, and I actually do. I am thrilled the eczema on my hand is gone and my bowels are functioning properly. I am taking the time to prepare decent breakfast. J.W.

“I had lots of water retention, edema, my hair was falling off excessively and I had headaches regularly. Now my body seems to have calmed down. My hair has stopped falling, my headaches are almost gone and the water retention has disappeared.” Margo M. Pearland, TX

Before seeing Dr Serge, my diet seemed off with a lot of digestion issues. This year, I also started experiencing hot flashes. Now I see improvement with my bowels and find current areas to improve that are tied to my diet. Hot flashes have gone away!Jennifer C. Houston, TX

My blood pressure was high 140\90 and my heartbeat was irregular and high, 90 heart beats per minute. Now my blood pressure is normal 120\75 and my heart beat is back to normal and not irregular. In addition, my energy has increased. Sonya Y. Pearland, TX

I went to see Serge after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. I had an inflammation of both knees. I combined the traditional treatment of antibiotics with the herbal treatment prescribed by Serge. I recovered quickly and had no side effects from taking the antibiotics. I recommend Dr Serge as someone knowledgeable, easy to connect with and compassionate. Pierre D., Boston, MA

“Initially I felt very down, depressed, didn’t think there was any hope! The vertigo and ear loss was so debilitating. Now no more vertigo! And my hearing is improving. My energy level is improving weekly”. Holly V., Houston, TX

“Before I meet Dr Serge, I was having bad diarrhea everyday for at least 4-5 times a day. I had no energy, loss of appetite and in general did not feel good. After seeing him for 4 weeks, I feel so much better. I’m getting my energy back, my appetite is back. I’m eating better and best of all no diarrhea! ” Jeanie W Friendswood, TX

“I was very low on energy, bloated frequently with meals. Now my energy seems to be improving. Bloating is better.” Tina F. Pearland, TX

I used to have carb cravings all the time. I had stomach and digestive issues. Now I don’t crave carbs anymore. My stomach feels calm and have very low digestive issues. Leslie S. Pearland, TX

Before we met Dr Serge, my son had sleep issues, excessive talking, and restless leg syndrome. It was very hard, stressful, constant redirection, limit setting. He was depressed and he had negative attitude. Now he is wonderful. He falls asleep within 10 minutes, sometimes within 1 minute, which never happened in his life ever! No more real difficulties, just regular kids behavior. Now he read a lot, responds immediately to questions/requests. Such a pleasure to be around. Even family members have noticed! Caroline M. Pearland, TX

“Before I saw Dr Serge, I was always tired, frustrated, sick and hungry. Now I am never hungry, no fatigue at all, feeling the best I have ever felt. Lots of energy! Lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks!!”  Shawn K. Pearland, TX

I had trouble sleeping, my weight was on the rise. At night my feet would get extremely hot. I was sluggish all day and around 3 pm I would just give in the exhaustion.  Now I am sleeping a lot better, but could still improve with sleeping schedule. I have lost 21 lbs, my feet are no longer hot, and I have high energy all day! Phil H. League City, TX

I had migraines about once to twice a week. I had no energy, night sweats and bowel movements right after I would eat. Now I no longer have migraines, I have more energy, no night sweats and better control of bowel movements. Mike S. Alvin, TX

Before I saw Dr. Serge, I had low energy, headaches regularly and I could not sleep. Today I have more energy, sleep well and no headaches! Jose A. Pearland, TX

“Before, I was fatigued and it was difficult to lose weight. Now I have more energy, I’m losing weight and I have an overall feeling of wellness” D.B. Friendswood, TX

Before I saw Dr. Serge, I was very tired, I had little energy through the day. My digestion was poor, I had skin problems mostly in my face. I did not feel rested in the mornings. Now my energy is better, better overall stamina. I can digest my food properly, consistent bowel movements and my skin has cleared up tremendously. M.J. Houston, TX

Before I started seeing Dr. Serge, I had frequent indigestion, trouble with loose bowel movements, and dealing with being chronically overweight. Now, I haven’t had to deal with indigestion in a very long time, my bowel movements are consistently more solid, and I’ve lost 15 lbs. I am feeling good & have increased energy! D.S. League City, TX

I had extremely low energy throughout the day. Suffered from bad headaches, and had eczema & very bad rashes on my face. I was not able to sleep throughout the entire night and wasn’t resting well. Since seeing Dr. Serge, I have very few symptoms left, only if I don’t follow protocol. I sleep through the night, my headaches are completely gone & the rashes are gone as well! I don’t have mid-afternoon energy slumps. I’ve tried many expensive approaches before Dr. Serge and never got any results like I have in his program. THIS WORKS! L.P Friendswood, TX

Before seeing Dr. Serge, I had numerous issues. I was overweight, I felt tired most of the time even with taking naps throughout the day, I craved sweets and carbs all the time and was always hungry. I was drinking sodas every day and was not drinking enough water. I wasn’t active. I started losing hair and my nails were not growing. Since starting the program, I have lost 10 lbs; I have a lot of energy throughout the day and rarely take naps anymore. I have no craving for sweets or carbs and my appetite has gone down a lot! I’ve given up the sodas & now drink ½ my body weight of water every day. I’ve become active and do some cardio every day. My hair is growing, my nails are stronger and most important, the hair on the outer part of my eyebrows is growing back! M.H. Houston, TX

I was having severe Acid Reflux & was extremely sluggish with no energy at all! I also was suffering from high blood pressure. After seeing Dr. Serge for a while, I rarely have Acid Reflux at all, only when I eat or drink the wrong things. I am more energetic & have so much more energy throughout the day. And my blood pressure is back in the normal – low range!! I.C. Texas City, TX

I was tired all the time, bloated after each meal and was having headaches every day. Now, I feel I’m going in the right direction. Have more energy already, much less headaches, no gaz. I’m very excited to go through this program! R. Murphy Pearland, TX

I was very tired, very anxious, it was hard to sleep, bloated all the time and my scalp was burning. Today, I’m just a little bit tired, much more energetic. I’m less anxious, sleep better. Still a little bloated but not as much and the scalp is much better! Melinda Gonzalez Houston, Texas

“I had headaches everyday and pain in the right knee”. Now I feel much better!” Luz G. Houston, TX

Before I was tired, sore, no energy, no sex drive, depresses. Now I have improvement in most areas including energy level, more positive, attitude, less soreness, and less irritability. Amy Moore, Houston, TX

“I had warts all over my knees and hands. In 2 weeks, they have slowly gone down and some are completely gone!” Joe Williams, Pearland TX.

“To sum up, I told Dr. Serge that if I did not have children, I would have considered suicide. I had truly given up hope and exhausted the medical specialists. In one week, I slept better than I have in 15 years! I have energy! My mood is improved as well. Multiple areas of pain from numerous injuries is absolutely gone! It is unbelievable!” Ann S. from Houston TX

“Before I started with Dr. Serge, I had kidney stones, hot flashes, weight gain and pain. Since then, I have experienced improvement with how I feel day to day. I have better bowel movements and I don’t have the kidney stone pain anymore.” Kristi Wood, Houston, TX

“I felt awful, sluggish, tired, no energy, and sad. Today, I have energy. The body is responding better to food choices. I’m happy and no migraines!!” Jenny Johnson, Houston, TX

“I had a lack energy and swollen ankles and feet. Sometimes I would get very emotional and cry a lot. Now, I am loving the change! I have more energy. I’m able to get more things done and keep up with work and children. I am proud that I see my ankle bones now, the swelling is going down. I’m not crying as much and I have lost a few pounds. Thank you!” Erin Reifel, Houston, TX