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With Dr. Serge Gregoire, Clinical Nutritionist


106 Pecan Drive, Friendswood

To reserve your seat call: 281-616-3816

Wednesday, September 26 @ 6:00PM

Thyroid Issues: As many as 59 million Americans suffer from a thyroid problem, but the majority don’t even know it yet. When your thyroid doesn’t work, it can affect almost every aspect of your health: Hair and skin changes, bowel problems, muscles and joint pain, cholesterol issues, menstrual irregularities & fertility problems, weight changes, neck discomfort or enlargement and fatigue. Do you have any of these symptoms? Maybe you were diagnosed with a thyroid problem, yet you still have symptoms. Dr. Serge will enlighten us on this issue and point us in the right direction. Let us be your personal guide to natural health and healing.

Tuesday, October 9 @ 6:00PM

Allergy Issues: Are you ready for the Fall…and the seasonal allergies that accompany it? Before you reach for your allergy medicine, come to our seminar and hear about the natural solution. Treat the cause and not just the symptoms! Dr. Serge will expound and give us all the details about whole food, plant-based supplementation.

Wednesday, October 10 @ 6:00PM

Weight Loss: Tired of the ride on the weight-loss/weight-gain rollercoaster? Feel like despite your best efforts you just can’t get the results you want?  In this seminar, Dr. Serge will explore common weight-loss myths, as well as present solutions for your success!  Come learn how to lose weight now and dramatically improve your health – naturally!

Wednesday, Oct 17 @ 6:00PM

Q&A: Have a question for Dr. Serge? Ask anything and everything…come, seek, and learn information to help you along your journey of health!

 Tuesday, October 23 @ 6:00PM

Pathway to Eating Well: Educating you on what healthy foods to eat and not to eat. Food is either a powerful medicine or a toxic poison. You are what you eat!*

*Healthy Gourmet will be providing a delicious take home meal to each attendee at this seminar!



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