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With Dr. Serge Gregoire, Clinical Nutritionist


106 Pecan Drive, Friendswood

Tuesday, April 9 @ 6:00PM

Inflammation/Chronic Pain: Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions even some cancers.  Our diet and lifestyles have created a “perfect storm” that is further escalating our crisis of chronic inflammation. Learn what to do so that storm doesn’t hit you!

Our CBD representative will be here to give us all the details on the products we sell at our clinic.

Tuesday, April 23 @ 6:00PM

Seasonal/Food Allergies: It’s Spring…and the seasonal allergies have already kicked in! Before you reach for your daily allergy medicine, come to our seminar and hear about the natural solution. What about food allergies? Maybe you have food sensitivities. Dr. Serge will give us all the details about whole food, plant-based supplementation that will kick those food and seasonal allergies to the curb!

Snap Kitchen will be here with clean food samples and a promotion for all attendees. 

Tuesday, May 7@ 6:00PM

Headaches/Migraines: In the United States, over 15 percent of all adults complain about severe headaches or migraines with prevalence among women more than twice as high as among men.

We treat the cause of the migraine…many times it’s food related, other times it’s a hormone issue. Come find out the cause of yours. We give a free mini-eval after each seminar, a chance to meet one-on-one with a doctor here at MBS.

Massage Heights will be here giving free mini massages and a promotion for all attendees.

 Tuesday, May 21 @ 6:00PM

Weight Loss: Tired of the ride on the weight-loss, weight-gain rollercoaster? In this seminar, Dr. Serge will explore common weight-loss myths, as well as present solutions for your success! Come learn how to lose weight now and dramatically improve your health –naturally!