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Teachers Summer Discount

man-857943During the school year, teachers go above and beyond.

Summer’s here, time to relax

Teachers grade, work long hours, mentor, encourage, console, and sometimes clean up after our kids. To make a long story short, teachers play a key role in our children’s lives.

Teachers have somehow mastered the art of going above and beyond all the while putting longer and harder work hours beyond what most of us can ever dream. Despite all this hard work and dedication, the dedication of America’s teachers goes largely unnoticed. Sure there will be news sites paying tribute to the art of teaching, some notes will be written to teachers whose influence was felt years ago and kids will bring the usual goodies and gift cards.

How many of us truly take the time to really demonstrate to teachers in our lives, and in those of our children’s, how much they truly mean?

School’s out for summer!

For the summer, we are looking to show teachers our appreciation for their ongoing efforts: At Mind-Body solutions, Dr. Serge is pleased to offer all teachers a 50 % discount on your initial consultation.

Why? Simple: teachers have been overworked and overstressed all throughout the school year. They spend most of their day bending over, bending down to reach children, they sit in cramped desks while grading papers and of course, they dealing with parent feedback, concerns, complaints etc.



Teachers, come visit Dr. Serge let him help you:

  • Speed up your recovery by getting the right supplements.
  • Bring down your anxiety levels
  • Get to your healthy weight
  • Be fresh and relax for the next school year!

Our experienced staff and a slew of options to make sure you’ll get the most out of your visit.

Give us a call today and get started on your journey of wellness at a fraction of the price: our way of thanking you for your time, effort, and influence