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Genetic Testing

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New Level of Customized Wellness

Did you ever wonder why a supplement can be so beneficial for many people but has not effect on yourself?

Are you frustrating to follow a strict diet but are not getting the expected results?

Are you dreaming of being a powerful athlete but don’t know where to start?

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We have the answers…

Developed by genetic scientists, genomic nutritionists, and fitness professionals, Mind Body Solutions & the NutriSync Assessment is designed to help you better understand, set, attain, and manage balanced nutrition and fitness goals based on your genetics and lifestyle. Targeting scientifically researched gene/nutrient and gene/fitness associations, this  assessment focuses on genetic variations that studies have shown can influence how much certain nutrients and specific exercises may benefit you. The results of your assessment can be used to help you identify and fine-tune your 
diet and exercise programs and reach your genetic potential for optimal health.

How the NutriSync Assessment Works

Make an appointment, meet with Dr. Serge,  complete your  lifestyle survey, swab your cheek, and we’ll send your cheek swab sample to our Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified lab. Your DNA analysis results are combined with your survey data using advanced Gene/Lifestyle™ Integration technology. Approximately three weeks later, your NutriSync Action Plan is automatically generated and provides you with detailed information and ideas on how to improve the potential effectiveness of your nutrition and fitness programs.

Genetically Guided Nutrition

Studies in nutritional genomics have shown not only how genes may influence your body’s response to diet (nutrigenetics) but also how specific nutrients may impact gene expression—literally how food and beverages turn on or off healthy body functions (nutrigenomics). Together your individual genetic differences may influence how much benefit you get from certain nutrients. The NutriSync Assessment was created to help you achieve more balanced nutrition based on key personal genetic and lifestyle variations. Our nutrition assessment allows you to begin nourishing yourself with this personal genetic information at your fingertips.

Genetically Guided Fitness

The exciting new field of kinesiological genomics has shown how genes may affect your overall fitness/health (kinesiogenetics), as well as how exercise may impact your gene expression, by triggering certain genes to turn on and off (kinesiogenomics). Our NutriSync Assessment taps into this emerging scientific discipline to give you a new way of thinking about your workouts. Until now, training and fitness professionals have lacked the genetic knowledge needed to recommend personal fitness solutions. Our NutriSync Assessment gives you the tools to exercise your body according to your genetic strengths and maximize the potential benefits of your workouts based on genetics.


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