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Can Camel Milk Enhance Your Brain Health?

Is someone you care about living with
Alzheimer’s Disease, brain fog, or mental health disorders? 

Recent studies show that camel milk may slow the progression
of Alzheimer’s Disease and assist with brain health!

A six-month study with nine patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s provided results that were “very promising,” states Dr. Millie Hinkle. Within a few short weeks, EVERY patient experienced positive results including:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved eating patterns
  • Patients became more vocal, interactive, and were able to participate in conversations as well as remember conversations from previous days.
  • Less confusion, less repetition, less aggression and less mood swings within the first month.
  • Patients were able to complete tasks and remain on target until tasks were completed.
  • Memory recall improved when patients were asked to remember specific dates or events.
  • Improved physical activity.

Although there is much research still to be performed, the future for those prone to developing Alzheimer’s Disease is bright. From recent research we know that camel milk antibodies are able to cross the brain barrier; therefore, we can piggy-back specific supplements with each patient to cross the brain barrier in order to work toward improving their symptoms and to hopefully halt the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Want to know more about how camel’s milk and nutrition
can help our loved ones with brain health issues?

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